Cargo Nets and Ropes

cargo nets for sale

Cargo Nets and Ropes

Our cargo nets and ropes are manufactured as per customer requirements, with varying rope thickness and hole/mesh sizes.


Industrial Cargo Nets - Transportation Cargo Net

Industrial cargo netting and cargo nets are very important, both for the safety of the cargo being transported and for the safety of other road users. By using proper cargo netting, road accidents and incidents can be prevented. The industrial cargo nets are durable and tough and can be custom designed to suite any of your cargo transportation requirements. We can manufacture a custom cargo tarp and net.

Cargo nets also protect your tarpaulin against wind flap and wear and tear.


Securing loads

Cargo nets are used by the road transport and logistics industry, and in the shipping industry, to secure loads to prevent them from shifting during transport, as well as to deter theft.

In shipping, cargo lift nets are used to load and unload cargo. The net is spread out by stevedores, who load the goods onto it. They then attach the cinches to a crane hook. Lifting the hook draws the corners of the net around the cargo. This results in a balanced and secure load which can be safely hoisted. Goods are transferred from one place to another in the construction industry using cargo nets. When used to transfer cargo by helicopter, they are referred to as "underslung" cargo nets. We have cargo nets for sale.

Also used on bakkies or open vehicles to secure loads being transported and as a safety feature on mines throughout Africa.


Obstacle courses

As part of obstacle courses, cargo nets are used as flexible ladders.



Although still used in playgrounds around the world, cargo nets have been subject to criticism due to the hazard of strangulation. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a notice expressing concern that a child's head can become trapped if the openings are of a particular size.

Marine rescue and ship embarkation

In maritime situations, cargo nets can be slung over the side of a ship to allow passengers stranded in the water to climb aboard to safety. Cargo nets can also be used to transfer troops from a ship to landing craft.


Safety barriers

Especially on ships, cargo nets are used as physical barriers, to prevent individuals from falling through openings or overboard into the sea. Also used in the mining industry for protection of falling rocks and debris.

Used a ladders in tailing dams to assist in getting out of the dam should someone fall into these dams.


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Hunting Body Bags

Cricket Pitch Covers


Hunting Body Bags

We manufacture hygienic PVC body bags used to transport game carcasses in. This is a 100% dust free hygienic solution.

The PVC body bag is a necessity for every hunter. In order to have the best hunting season you cannot go hunting without it. The body bag also comes with its own carry bag so there’s no hassle in travelling arrangements.

Size : 2 M x 1 M

Any custom sizes can be manufactured on request.

Colours available: Beige , Brown, olive green, black.


  • The body bag prevent animal carcass fluids leaking onto any surface
  • The body bag has webbing handles attached for mobility
  • The solid PVC material is dust and water proof
  • The body bag material is UV resistant
  • The foldable material can easily be stored
  • It can carry up to 5 Impala carcasses


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Truck Tarpaulins

Cricket Pitch Covers

Tarpaulin Manufacturer

African Tarpaulins is a tarpaulin manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of tarpaulins for different applications and also for all types of truck trailers. ATS is the biggest manufacturer of PVC products in Africa and supply most of Africa’s leading Blue Chip transport, logistics, civil, industrial and construction companies.

Tarpaulins have multiple uses, including as shelter from the elements, i.e., wind, rain, or sunlight, a ground sheet or a fly in camping, a drop sheet for painting, for protecting the pitch of cricket field, and for protecting objects, such as unenclosed road or rail goods carrying vehicles or wood piles.

It is also used on outdoor market stalls to provide some protection from the elements of nature. Tarpaulins are also used for advertisement printing, most notably for billboards. Perforated tarpaulins are typically used for large-medium advertising, or for protection on scaffoldings, the aim of the perforations (from 20% to 70%) is to reduce wind vulnerability

Polyethylene tarpaulins have also proven to be a popular source when an inexpensive, water resistant fabric is needed.

Tarps can be classified based on a diversity of factors, such as material type (polyethylene, canvas, vinyl, etc.[3]), thickness, which is generally measured in millimeters or generalized into categories (such as "regular duty", "heavy duty", "super-heavy duty", etc.), and grommet strength (simple vs. reinforced), among others.

Tarps can also be classified by size—a common determining factor for consumers in acquiring tarps—and measured in width by length. Actual tarp sizes are generally about three to five percent smaller than the advertised size. (Thus, a tarp advertised as 20 ft. × 20 ft. will actually measure about 19 ft. × 19 ft.[5]) Some other factors that may influence a purchase decision include color (often they come in blue, green, black, or silver), grommet type (aluminum, stainless steel, etc.), and grommet-to-grommet distance.

Tarpaulins are manufactured in a wide variety of colours and from PVC, and various thicknesses are available for different applications. Various thicknesses are 550 gram, 700 gram and 800 gram. 550 gram means it weighs 550 grams per square meter and is generally used for flat deck trucks, agricultural and industrial goods or products and to cover these goods to protect it from the weather. The 550 gram tarps are also used by companies that cannot store certain products in storage areas due to space limitations and also for swimming pool covers, lapa and patio and outdoor blinds.550 gram material is also used to manufacture dam liners and outdoor furniture covers.

700 gram material means it weighs 700 grams per square meter and is used for flat deck trucks transporting steel and is 27% stronger and heavier than the 550 gram material. 700 gram material is also used for general coverage of goods with sharper edges. Dam liners are also manufactured from the 700 gram material. 800 gram material means it weighs 800 grams per square meter and is used tipper and taut liner trailers. The 800 gram material is 14% stronger and heavier than the 700 gram material.

Tarpaulins are manufactured according to customer specification and come with eyelets or grommets spaced 1 meter apart and with 1 meter of 7mm thick ski rope per eyelet or grommet. The eyelets or grommets are stainless steel and designed for outdoor use and cannot rust.

The PVC we utilize in the manufacturing process comes with a standard 2 year warranty against UV and is 100% Waterproof.

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